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Beauty Box-Straelen for your Skin

WAM | Brand Logo and Print Beauty Box-Straelen for your Skin | Tuesday - 21 . November . 2017

Beauty Box Straelen Your goal is to achieve a long term skin improvement and not just a short term beautification of your skin? You would like to spend some time for yourself, find your inner balance, recharge your batteries and gain freshness, attractiveness and youthfulness? Our job: Entire CI web design with Typo3, logo Kunde […]

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Learning needs space

WAM | Brand Logo and Print Learning needs space | Tuesday - 21 . November . 2017

Lernenbrauchtraum Not only from the Reggio-pedagogy one knows about the pedagogical power of the space. To use them, you need a well thought-out room concept that integrates the existing classroom and its furniture and that is flexible enough to accommodate the individual needs of all children. Our job: Webdesign with WordPress Kunde : Katrin Petersen […]

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