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Because there are many possibilities and content management systems that make a website feasible. But the fewest are really manageable, as many are simply too inflated. In addition, some also contain potential security risks that a company can not cope with. That’s why we’re burning for WordPress. Here are a few good reasons why you too should use it:


With a WordPress site you are completely independent of agencies and can therefore save money. You can maintain your WordPress website independently, even without programming skills.

WordPress is responsive

Of course, you can also read and use WordPress on your mobile device, as it is also Responsive in the backend.

WordPress is fast

Fast, Faster, WordPress. Since WordPress does not need a large database, your website is also running extremely fast here.

WordPress is flexible

Stay flexible and just use a plug-in. If you do not like it, throw it out again.


Edit what you want

With many CMS systems, it is always difficult to insert and publish different datasets. Not so with WordPress.

Keep track

An intuitive backend helps you to keep track of your pictures, pages or news.

Webdesign heymanns


Stay flexible, with more than 35,000 free-to-use plug-ins.

More than 35,000 plug-ins are available, mostly free of charge. You can easily install them via the system, and if it was not what you had in mind, just delete them as easily. This feature is built into the system so you do not have to worry about breaking the page. That can also be absolute laymen.
If necessary, Webagentur-Meerbusch will also develop plug-ins specially tailored to your needs. So that you can also bring your wishes online.

The installation of the plug-ins is a breeze.

  • Choose plug-in directly in the backend as you wish.
  • Load the plug-in into the system via the backend.
  • Install plug-in, activate and Done
Millions of websites
Free plug-ins
% User friendly

We Save

Do not worry about the security of your website, we’ll do it for you. That’s why we will install your website exclusively on secure servers.


We Secure!

Almost daily updates for your WordPress page run, or constantly update their used plug-ins? You do not have to! We’ll do that for you when you host with us.


Direct security via the server

Both security and updates for your WordPress installations are monitored by our servers.
If updates or security gaps occur, they will be instantly installed via the server and gaps will be closed.

The login protection on your WordPress system is also overseen by our servers at any time. So viruses have no chanche to invade your WordPress system.


Need Help?

Rather unlikely, but if it does happen, we are of course with advice and support to the side. Write us an email or call us.

We’re here to help.

But if you prefer to help yourself, no problem. WordPress has an excellent documentation and several forums where you can always be smart.


Everything WordPress

Everything done with WordPress! A small excerpt on WordPress basis

The prices

Your WordPress page very easy, fast and cheap. With absolutely transparent prices.


Small and Fine
fixed price
  • E-Mail Support
  • 3 Standard Vorlagen
  • Plug-In Vorschläge
  • Elementor Free Plugin


All You Need
fixed price
  • E-Mail / Tel Support
  • 5 Standard Vorlagen
  • Plug-In Installation
  • 2 x Beispielseiten
  • Elementor Free Plugin


The Best for Start
fixed price
  • E-Mail / Tel Support
  • 7 Standard Vorlagen
  • Plug-In Installation
  • Implementierung Texte
  • Implementierung Bilder
  • Elementor Free Plugin
  • Elementor Pro möglich *
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The WordPress Enterprise Site
  • E-Mail, Tel, Fernwartung
  • 10 Standard Vorlagen
  • Plug-In Installation
  • Implementierung Texte
  • Implementierung Bilder
  • Elementor Pro Plugin **

* There are additional costs of 25 € per year (payable in advance)

** 12 months free use, then 25 € for 12 months (payable in advance)

Interest aroused?

Just write us a few lines if you have any questions about our WordPress offer. We are happy to assist you with your project.