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I want like Amazon! Of course we too! To put things straight the first time, Amazon pushes sales as stupid. But it is far from beautiful, meaningful or user-friendly. This is no longer necessary with Amazon. As an e-commerce company, you should therefore follow very different paths. Not everything that American companies do is useful or welcome here in Europe. We Europeans tick differently here. Especially when it comes to the design of shops. Clear structures and illuminating navigations are very far ahead here. We would like to show you on your next project how such a system should be set up.

Mobile webshop solutions are now a must and a matter of course, if we look at the current numbers. More than 60% of all purchases are made via mobile devices. Hand on heart, is your online store already mobile-optimized?



And the merchandise management is on board!


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E-commerce consulting

What do you really need? Simply the best there is or the thickest and most inflated shop? Here the spirits divide; What is the best e-commerce system? Which functions are supported and which ones do you need? Questions about questions! We bring the lamp with us and bring light into the confusion. Because nothing is worse than letting go of the customer into this jungle of expert janitors.

  • System-consulting
  • Beratung in puncto Design und Usability
  • Warenwirtschafts-consulting
  • Analyse und Beratung in puncto Wettbewerb
  • Netzwerk-consulting
  • Webhosting / Cloud-hosting Beratung.