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Who does not sell here, to talk to his suppliers have a word

JTL Shop - Because you envy his own customers

JTL-Shop3 is far more than just online shop. The system shines with numerous functions that need to be built only later in many other shop systems. Even a intigriertes CMS or blog system JTL-Shop3 already out of home on board. & nbsp; But here does not apply like anyone else. We install, configure and gestallten your JTL-Shop3 to a unique species Onlineshopsystem. The tailed enterprise resource planning system and show   We also tell you the same with. This allows you to successfully start your JTL-Shop3.

Our services for your JTL-Shop3:

  • Free consultation
  • Setup / Installation of the systems;
  • Complete design according to your wishes
  • or & nbsp; Adaptation of standard templates
  • Introduction to the Admin Panel of JTL-Shop3
  • correspondence course for JTL-Wawi JTL-Shop3 and
  • Plugin Installation and Setup
  • Print design templates
  • Import / Export with the ant
  • On-Site Service
  • Installation of JTL-Connector

Why JTL-Shop3 take, instead of another, online shop system?

You will be surprised by price performance ratio. Functions like, boxing management, newsletter system, email management, image slider, product filtering and storage traffic lights are already installed in this store and just have to be aktivert peer click & nbsp;.

JTL-Shop3 in conjunction with the JTL-Wawi is your key to success and that is perfectly matched to each team. You need just one click to order the item from your store to pick up in the Wawi.

Behind the whole system at the same time depends inventory management. And you just need to maintain.

Following the motto: "If the WaWi maintained, says the shop"

save yourself the work in two completely different systems. Quantities, descriptions, prices, availability, and so on.

why makes sense even for small and only rarely visited the shops JTL system.