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pink architectures

WAM | Brand Logo and Print pink architectures | Monday - 11 . June . 2018

pink architectures Under the direction of the architect Thomas Pink, numerous excellent and certified buildings have been built since the founding of the office in 1994. Prestigious competitions were won and realized. The most famous projects include the Federal Ministry of Health in Bonn, the Representation of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia to the Federal […]

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UWG Fraction Meerbusch

WAM | Webdesign / HTML / CMS UWG Fraction Meerbusch | Monday - 12 . March . 2018

UWG Fraction Meerbusch The Independent Voter Community Meerbusch represents the wishes and interests of local citizens and focuses exclusively on local issues and problems. Without party hierarchy and free of fractional compulsion – serving the cause only – the UWG shapes bourgeois politics. When it comes to implementing common political goals, the dynamic and factual […]

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Heymann’s real estate

WAM | Webdesign / HTML / CMS Heymann’s real estate | Tuesday - 21 . November . 2017

Heymanns Immobilien The company Heymanns Immobilien is a family business, which operates in the Greater Dusseldorf since 1997. The business owner Michael Heymanns has studied the real estate business since 1989 from scratch after completing his studies in economics. After five years of belonging to a well-known Dusseldorf property management, all points of contact between […]

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WAM | Webdesign / HTML / CMS Just-Roof | Tuesday - 21 . November . 2017

Akurat Dachbeschichtung Salomon In addition to these effects affecting the function, however, these weather influences also mean that Roofs become unsightly over time. As a result, the once beautiful appearance of the roof and thus the property is impaired. This aging process must be counteracted at an early stage in order to avoid major damage […]

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ARC welding technology AG

WAM | Webdesign / HTML / CMS ARC welding technology AG | Tuesday - 21 . November . 2017

ARC Schweisstechnologie AG Many years of experience in the field of welding consumables in conjunction with good market knowledge were the essential prerequisites for the founding of the company “ARC Schweissstechnologie AG” – technical consulting specialist for welding consumables. Kunde : ARC Schweisstechnologie AG Datum : 15.06.2015 System : WordPress Skill : HTML5 / PHP […]

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Sina Stinshoff reporter

WAM | Webdesign / HTML / CMS Sina Stinshoff reporter | Tuesday - 21 . November . 2017

Sina Stinshoff ME IS WHAT … elegant in evening dress, chic in the business look easy in rubber boots, athletic in the jersey … whether in front of or behind the camera: TV MODERATOR, EDITOR, EVENT MODERATOR, SPEAKER Kunde : Sina Stinshoff Datum : 06.05.2017 System : HTML Skill : HTML5 / PHP / CSS3 […]

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IBB engineering office

WAM | Webdesign / HTML / CMS IBB engineering office | Tuesday - 21 . November . 2017

IBB-Ingenieurebüro Our Job: At 0 Start, Here was a first consultation on a website needed. Concept development, design CMS system For more than 20 years now your partner in theater and studio technology. Reliable and always just in time. This distinguishes our engineering office. Our solution Build it in Typo3. Kunde : Olaf Brandt Datum […]

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delicious Baked

WAM | Webdesign / HTML / CMS delicious Baked | Tuesday - 21 . November . 2017 The baking and food blog by Nadine Plewka. I love everything that has to do with baking. But I also like to cook because that’s what I have also made my profession. So you can say that I am a small Küchenfee. Our Job: The Delicious Eating Blog has been implemented with WordPress. Design, […]

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Motion Fitness

WAM | Webdesign / HTML / CMS Motion Fitness | Tuesday - 21 . November . 2017

Motion Fitness® Motion Fitness® – innovative & functional training equipment, welcomes you to the online store. Order your health at home and take advantage of our fitness equipment. Our job: Responsive Webdesign. WordPress design. Programming, core changes Kunde : MOTION FITNESS Datum : 01.07.2015 System : WordPress Skill : HTML5 / PHP / CSS3 Link […]

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Joint practice Dr.Schweflinghaus

WAM | Webdesign / HTML / CMS Joint practice Dr.Schweflinghaus | Tuesday - 21 . November . 2017

Dr.Schweflinghaus The joint practice Dr.Schweflinghaus – Dr. Rosenfeld for general medicine and internal medicine have decided after years to finally create a website Our job: Webdesign with a WordPress logo Kunde : Gemeinschaftspraxis Dr.Schweflinghaus Datum : 01.08.2015 System : WordPress Skill : HTML5 / PHP / CSS3 Link : schweflinghaus Weitere Projekte Hier gib es […]

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Mr. Olympia Euro

WAM | Webdesign / HTML / CMS Mr. Olympia Euro | Tuesday - 21 . November . 2017

Mr. Olympia Europe Whether public and trade fairs, rousing events, world championships or congresses and conferences – the Westfalenhallen Dortmund always offer the perfect setting for an event. Here, German and European event history has been written since 1925 Our job: Entire CI web design with WordPress, logo Kunde : Mr. Olympia, LLC Datum : […]

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Stockhausen Gallery

WAM | Webdesign / HTML / CMS Stockhausen Gallery | Tuesday - 21 . November . 2017

Galerie-Stockhausen The passion for unique jewelry design is the inspiration, the openness to create a creative meeting place the basic idea of the gallery. Our job: Webdesign with WordPress Kunde : Tanja Stockhausen Datum : 01.09.2013 System : WordPress Skill : HTML5 / PHP / CSS3 Link : Galerie-Stockhausen Weitere Projekte Hier gib es noch […]