Drohnenverordnung 2017


Since 1 October 2017, the new Drone Ordinance has been in force nationwide.

For drones from 250 grams, the mandatory labeling has come into force since yesterday with a fireproof badge. This badge must include the name and address of the aircraft owner (owner).

Aircraft from 2 KG require a proof of knowledge, in the form of a “drone driver’s license”.

So far you can take this exam at 18 places of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation. According to the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt, however, additional examination points are to be added.

Excerpt which knowledge must be proven:

“For the drone driver’s license knowledge for the navigation of the devices and the legal bases for the use must be proven. Exceptions are model airfields, where there is also a supervisor. “

Furthermore, an online exam is possible, which can be carried out by a recognized body from a minimum age of 16 years. For model aircraft, however, you can also get a certificate from the age of 14, by training an air sports club.

Both certificates have a validity of five years. (A pilot’s license is also recognized, the additional certificate is not applicable in this case)

Essential regulations of the drone regulation:

The operation of drones is being redefined. Federal Minister Dobrindt has submitted a “Regulation regulating the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles”.

Federal Transport Minister Dobrindt :

 Drones offer great potential – both privately and commercially. More and more people are using them. The more drones ascend, the greater the risk of collisions, crashes or accidents. Clear rules are therefore necessary for the use of drones. In order to open up opportunities for the future technology drone and at the same time to significantly increase safety in the airspace, I have initiated a new regulation. In addition to security, we also improve privacy.


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