Intel Core i7 8700K benchmarks surfaced


Intel Core i7 8700K benchmarks surfaced

The Core i7 8700K from Intel will be the new flagship CPU for standard desktop PCs, but officially only from 05. October. Nevertheless, a first test of the processor can be found on the Internet. We do not want to deprive you of these benchmarks. 

The question that arises with the 8th generation of Intel processors, of course, is whether an upgrade to this generation is worthwhile, or whether the 7th generation may not be so much worse, but cheaper?

For the start of the eighth generation, there are only a few Coffee Lake models – exactly six chips, two each i3, i5 and i7 variants. Top model of the Coffee Lake family will be the new Core i7-8700K. This is just like the non-K variant i7 8700, a native six-core and contains through the Hyperthreading functio six further virtual cores. The K model clocks at a maximum power dissipation of 95 watts (TDP, Thermal Design Power) with 3.7 gigahertz (GHz). The version without K in the name, however, only refers to up to 65 watts and clocked a little lower (3.2 GHz). Both offer a 12 megabyte cache and flit in turbo mode temporarily with 4.6 and 4.7 GHz (K model).

Now that benchmarks have surfaced, here are the results. The whole thing was differentiated in two different categories illuminated. On the one hand there were benchmarks in synthetic 3DMark tests, in which logically the 8700K benefits greatly from the two additional cores, and on the other hand in the pure game benchmarks where the 8700K does not benefit as much from its two additional cores. In the 3D Mark tests, the i7 8700K achieved a lead of approx. 9.5% over the i7 7700K in the individual values.

In the game benchmarks, the result is no longer so clear. The i7 8700K only has a lead of approximately 3.3% instead of the 1.4% determined by Expreview. However, what is not negligible is the fact that all games benchmarks were performed at high to maximum levels of detail. Eventually, the graphics card may have become a bottleneck.

However, on Videocardz’s side, more trustworthy results can be found. There are hardly any surprises in applications. The i7 8700K is the fastest Intel CPU in Cinebench R15, but logically has to bow to the two additional cores of the Ryzen 7 1800X. In syntethischen tests such as 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme and Fritz Chess scores the i7 8700K again on the pole position.

Whether the i7 7700K is sufficient or rather for the i7 8700K is used in an upgrade of the PC, remains to wait until the first official tests on October 5, the fall of the NDA appear.

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