Word Press VS Typo3 The 10 Facts – Part 2 of 4


Word Press VS Typo3 The 10 Facts – Part 2 of 4

Word Press VS Typo3 the other facts. We were the last time when building a page stopped. The current score is 1: 3 For WordPress and we have actually not done much.

Let’s assume that we have a design for both systems and come to the next point.

  1. Creating a single page

For us, maintaining both systems is relatively easy, at least if you have some affinity. In Typo3 this is definitely necessary. With WordPress, the “I-click-once-through tactic” is enough. At Word Press you can really save that thinking. You have to think a bit more about Typo3. We do not say that thinking is wrong, quite the contrary, a lot more brains should be used, but sometimes it has to be very fast.

Depending on the configuration of the systems you have to do something more to create a page. But that is indeed the case with both systems.But let’s go back to the standard.

WordPress is very intuitive and understandable here. You go to pages, click on “Create new page”, write your text in the editor field, click on “Refresh” and the page is also immediately visible.

Clicks “Dashboard >> Page >> Create Page >> Write >> Refresh”.

With Typo3 you have to click on the new page with the “right mouse button” in the root tree, if it exists, in the first step (many users will not find that), and then create a new page. Then you have to choose where this page should go. Now you have 4 columns (if you do not use fluid templates) “Left, Center, Right and Edge”. Here you must then select the appropriate area in which you want to see his text. Then you should choose what is there purely in: text, image and tables, etc. There, if you have selected text, for example, you can finally write something and finally save the whole thing and you have created his page.

The clicks “Root tree >> New page >> Create page >> Position of the page >> Select area >> Select text >> Write text >> Save”.

You can already see where the thing leads. To achieve the same result, Typo3 requires at least three more steps.

1: 4 for WordPress

  1. Creating a news

Now WordPress is actually a blog system , so in the past you could not do anything else with WordPress than write news. But a lot has changed in recent times.

Typo3, on the other hand, is a thoroughbred CMS; Unfortunately, the news function is basically missing here, which you actually only get with the help of the so-called “extensions”. No one knows why this is so, but be it.

So if you want to have a “News” in your Typo3 page, you have to use Extensions. These are easy and fast installed, but must also be configured accordingly. Once these steps have been taken, you can create a news story that is relatively simple.

WordPress handles news just like a page, so in just three steps, you’ve written and published a news bulletin.

1: 5 for WordPress

Word Press VS Typo3

– Those were the first two facts why it’s getting harder for Typo3.

But we are not yet conclusive, it comes even more in the following days.

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