WordPress VS Typo3 the 10 facts


WordPress VS Typo3 the 10 facts

WordPress is on everyone’s lips and you come with the idea of ​​creating a new website actually not even past WordPress. But what about Typo3 the “Premium CMS”, the bottle ship that can do almost anything. Here are a few facts why it is getting harder for Typo3. We compare the steps for the applications that a “normal user” has to do to get the same result.

Let’s just start talking numbers here.

  • Detailed training for Typo3 approx. 3 – 5 days
  • Detailed training for WordPress about 2 – 4 hours

0: 1 for WordPress

But let’s start at the top.

  1. The installation

Is actually relatively simple in both systems. A few clicks, specify database connection and already running both systems. One thinks!Unfortunately, it starts here already that Typo3 wants to be completely configured first. There are so many settings of the folder rights or write permissions of the data and a few other things that should be set.

WordPress, on the other hand, configures itself completely independently on first startup. It must first be set anything.

In both systems, the cost of the pure installation is about the same. Ergo both get a point.

1: 2 for WP

  1. The construction of a page

Now we have both systems installed on the server as an empty CMS. If we look at both front ends now, there will not be much to see on Typo3.Apparently Typo3 does not know that it is there and what it should show. Of course, there are also demo data that can be installed with, but we go from the standard. There is nothing contained in it and if nothing is in it, nothing can be displayed.

WordPress is a lot easier. Here is a website to see after installation. Although only a standard theme , but it is a visual visible page.

If you want to create a website in Typo3, you can use the ready-made standards or build your own design or build it. Here comes the next problem. The ready-made designs are not always compatible. This means for us, if you install it in the CMS, it could happen that the site is destroyed.

Of course you are completely free with a Typo3 template created to your wishes and can actually do what you want, but in the meantime it is the same with WordPress. Again, you can create your own themes and thus build his own page. In addition, there are thousands of freeware designs for WordPress; that’s only rarely the case with Typo3.

Here WordPress is much easier and faster to manage than Typo3.

1: 3 For WP

WordPress VS Typo3

– Those were the first two facts why it’s getting harder for Typo3.

But we are not yet conclusive, it comes even more in the following days.

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