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WordPress blog VS Typo3 the other facts. The last point we described was mobile handling in the administration area. The current score is 4:10 for WordPress Blog. Here now with the most important point, the search engine optimization of both systems.

  1. Search engine optimization

It says from several sources: WordPress Blog is Google’s friend. We can underline that indeed. If you build up a page decently with WordPress blog you can see the results on Google relatively quickly. This is probably because the WordPress blog of his time has only acted as a blog.

The developers then only from the pure blog knitted a very SEO-capable CMS. You can then support the whole thing with a variety of plug-ins that prepare the WordPress site even more for the search engine .

You can also beat several texts in the page every week, then this is also found well on Google, because that is the real purpose of WordPress.

Typo3 is more of the “old punch”. Surely you can also convert a Typo3 page excellently for the search engine, but it is much more work. It starts with the extensions that are needed for it. Or you program the system so that it is suitable for the search engines. Unfortunately, you can not optimize all search engines in Typo3, because there is neither extension nor no, or very few, TS setup codes for it.

If you try to push your site forward through the news, like with WordPress, you soon realize that this is not nearly as good and easy. This is simply because the Typo3 and its News Extensions are not so easy to configure. Much more must be considered here.

Say for a layman such projects are not at all, or only extremely laboriously to accomplish.

Ergo, this point also goes to the WordPress blog

WordPress Blog wins here with 4:11

A relatively clear result, whereby we have still remained with the basic facts. While we will still be building Typo3 sites for those who want it, if we are honest, we are already building more WordPress sites than Typo3. Apparently Typo3, (we do not want to hope it) slowly but surely under.

Let’s see what happens in the future.

WordPress Blog – We can only recommend at the moment

Until the next time it says WordPress Blog VS CMS?

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