Seo-Check Tool Online Now

Seo-Check Tool

Seo-Check Tool Online Now

Seo-Check Tools are so many, but that does not stop us from putting our own Seo-Check Tool on the net. The big question is, are we completely crazy? No, definitely not in any relationship.

Why did we make such a tool? It’s very simple, there are always new parameters or rules for the search engine optimization set up and we know with certainty that half of the test tools are not kept up to date. This is due to the different results of the individual tests. As you get on the one hand, for example, for “keyword” if they are little or not installed in the site, an error displayed on the other and that is OK. Let’s ask who is right here?

Fact is Keywords are not really needed anymore (for Google), but they do not hurt either. Because there is not only Google, even if it seems so.

That’s why we now have our own seo-check tool, which we can keep up-to-date.

Seo-Check Tool what makes our tool

It checks the basic seo features of a webpage. If there is a page title, how long is the page description, is there any, there are search terms and so on. Basically everything you need for the basic search engine optimization. Also on contents, user-friendliness of the web page, pictures and the mobile optimization is respected. You also have the Google Page Speed Tool included.


The whole is completely free and free 2utzbar whether agency or end user.

If you have done an analysis, there is also the possibility to simply download the entire evaluation as “Brand-Free” PDF. At the moment we have no limit built into the tool. Since we find it really annoying if you can only every 12 hours, or at even longer intervals to make an exam.

We let the part go first and see how it behaves. After all, a Seo-Check tool is supposed to be a SEO check and not just for fun.

Still to finish, if questions arise why it does not create a page on 100%. Can we just say, Optimize, Optimize, Optimize. It works, but it is really heavy.We have tested and evaluated the calculation over months so that it is feasible.

And when we hear, why is the W3C validity rated so low? Can we whisper you, (but do not tell anyone) this is a point that is almost not relevant anymore. For fun, you can chase Google, Microsoft or Amazon or whatever from the mega companies through the W3C validity check. You will be surprised!

We wish you lots of fun and much success with the Seo-Check Tool

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