Responsive design is a must, no hype!

Responsive Design

Responsive design is a must, no hype!

Responsive design is still considered to be a hype and, according to some people, will soon be gone. Let’s explain why responsive design is not a hype at all and that it will not disappear for a longer or shorter time.

What is Responsive Design?

We hear this phrase extremely often. Apparently it still has not penetrated all ears. What and why there is Responsive Design. Back to the question, so what is Responsive Design? In short, a responsive design knows how big your display is by looking at the page.

Responsive Design 2

So much in a nutshell. In principle, it is a thought-out design that can be adapted to the currently used display size of the respective device (device).

Is this a hype? No, it’s a must. If you want to find your website in the search engine within the next few months, you should start to react better.Because since 21.04.2015 Google even requires the so-called “mobile friendly” (Responsive Design) version of a website. In a conversation a few weeks ago, even a platform manufacturer wanted to explain that the changeover with Responsive Design Duty as a compulsory program was very surprising. What, please? Surpriiiise!

This has already been announced for more than a year. But now Google has unpacked the hammer, and makes this a duty. The Google insists is with a bit of thinking also absolutely understandable. As a manufacturer of mobile phones and the operating system Android, it is only the logical conclusion that websites must also have the responsive design to be properly displayed on each device.

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Can Responsive Design be retrofitted on every page?

Very clear no. The grid system, eg Bootstrap (front-end framework), which is based on responsive design, can not be retrofitted on any standard design. Because there are serious differences. Static websites have a completely different structure than Responsive Design. The names of DIV containers are different. For these and other reasons, it is not possible to transform a “static” into a responsive design.

Will Responsive Design disappear like so many things after a few years?

Also a very clear no. The reason is obvious (in the truest sense of the word). More and better mobile devices are being used by website visitors. As these devices become more powerful and more powerful, Responsive Design will not disappear after a few years. But on the contrary. Since the beginning of the whole, we experiment with it. The steps that have been taken in the last two years are huge. An end is not here in sight.

So if you want to make sure “Can my website be responsive or not”, check out the Google Tools Pagespeed Inside or Mobile-Friendly Test. Here is clear and clear what the state of things on your website. Because who continues to think “This will also pull over again” will have to search his website shortly.

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